Brillianize Photocopier And
Scanner Cleaner

Safely cleans photocopier and scanner optics

Buy Brillianize in convenient 8 oz. pump spray bottles or 32 oz. trigger spray bottles. Brillianize is sold online and by leading office equipment manufacturers.. Check our dealer locator for a store near you or buy directly from Brillianize.

Brillianize improves the performance of auto feed copiers and scanners. Brillianize cleans and polishes while leaving an anti-static finish on the platen allowing the paper to slide across the scanning surface with less resistance.

Brillianize is used, recommended and sold by leading office equipment suppliers and manufacturers like Kodak, Konica/Minolta, Océ, Katun and others. Get the best performance from your office equipment, use Brillianize.



Best foot forward

When appearance and performance is everything rely on Brillianize. Companies like Apple, General Motors, Harley Davidson, Honda, Ford, Kyocera, Mitsubishi, Beechcraft, Gulfstream, Tama Drums, Smithsonian Institution, Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, CHANEL, Gucci and many others use Brillianize products. These companies and Brillianize stake their reputation on the performance and appearance of their products.

Product LineQuality

Brillianize is specially formulated to clean, preserve and protect high performance big screen televisions, LCD and plasma displays, photo copiers, scanners, precision optics, cameras and lenses.

Brillianize is safe to use with lucite, Plexiglas®, Lexan®, acrylic, Acrylite® and all plastic or glass surfaces. Manufacturers use Brillianize products in the final production stage to enhance the appearance and performance of their finished products.

Being GREEN is good business

Brillianize is safe non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our formula contains no alcohol, no ammonia, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no ethylene glycol butyl ether or other less expensive chemicals found in many household cleaners. Be GREEN, use Brillianize. It is safe to use around children and pets.